DealSnap – barcode deals finder app

DealSnap – barcode deal finder app Scan all kinds of barcodes including QRCode. The app will find the best deals with product image, price and other information.
Save scanned codes and images for later use. Email barcode and share found deals with friends and family.

How to use

Start and app and point the camera to a barcode. The camera will auto focus on the barcode and within a few seconds, the app will
recognize the barcode and return a list of deals found. Make the buying decision by comparing the price with the best deals found with the app.
Go to History to view perviously saved barcode and deals at any time.

Feature list

  • Supports all common barcode formats
  • Import picture and scan barcodes from the picture
  • Camera light On/Off
  • Saved barcode history and detail
  • Fast deals look up
  • Share barcode and deals
  • Extendable deal search engines


  • Require iOS 4.3+ devices with camera


  • Download DealSnap for iPhone